Holiday Hassle

November is here, the holiday season is flooding into retailers, and attitudes will begin to change. Don’t let yours fall into the trap of dismal thinking! I can’t help but wonder if there is more to reassessing your goals in January than the beginning of a new year. Could it also be because most people have detoured off course for the past 6 to 8 weeks? How many people do you know that use excuses, delaying pursuit of a deal? Statements like, “Well, Thanksgiving is next week, I won’t bother them.” “December is a busy month for social events, etc. so they probably won’t have time to meet with me.” STOP IT!! Decide today that you will NOT buy into defeating self talk today, through the end of January. Deals are made each day of the year, not dependent upon the weather or a date on the calendar. To succeed in life and business you must set your course and stay focused on how to meet the needs of those around you.  We are interested to hear how you stay focused through the holiday season.  Click here to leave a comment.

Since we are focusing on real estate deals, let’s talk about your pipeline. It may be those you encounter have a mentality of delaying business until after the holiday season. Take their name and number, a few details about their needs and follow up in January! Instead of feeling discouraged and put off, build your pipeline! Spread your goodwill outside your normal circles. Take advantage of the coming season to network more and uncover someone’s financial wounds. Spend more time learning about strangers and less time talking about what you are doing for the holidays. In November and December you typically find strangers become friendlier, more talkative, and it’s easier to open up conversations that quickly reveal their needs and life concerns. If you are open and ready to receive them, your business will profit and so will those you reach out to help!  Click here to share where you network during the holidays.

“To put away aimlessness and weakness, and to begin to think with purpose, is to enter the ranks of those strong ones who only recognize failure as one of the pathways to attainment; who make all conditions serve them, and who think strongly, attempt fearlessly, and accomplish masterfully.” –James Allen

Enter into this holiday season with a renewed freshness to truly connect with those you encounter. Many are feeling discouraged and frustrated. Your hopeful and helpful attitude will go a long way to brighten a stranger’s day. Reach out and listen to the needs of people and stay the course of building a stronger business. It is in down times that the strong rise above and lead.

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