To Choose or Not to Choose

“How am I going to live today in order to
create the tomorrow I’m committed to?”

- Tony Robbins: Self-help speaker and author

What do you think of when you read that quote?  Often it is easy for us to merely “get through” each day if we allow these immediate troubles to affect our choices.  While it is important to address what is happening around you, it is also important to keep perspective and remember where you are headed.  Relationships are messy.  Friends and family can pull at us to accommodate their agenda.  We all make choices for the good of not only ourselves, but those around us.  A husband checks with a wife before making a major purchase, a friend needs help moving, your kids need a ride to practice.  These are all good things, integrated into our life’s plan and goals, and called relationship building.

But at what point have you ventured off the track of relationship building and diverted straight towards following everyone’s path . . . neglecting your own?  There are no excuses, only choices we each make that lead us to where we are.  If you are not where you expected to be two years ago, what are you doing about it?  Are you blaming the economy, your past employer, your spouse, someone or some other event?  As life changes, so do we, like it or not.  Take a few minutes and look at where you are today and where you want to go.  What is standing between those two points?  We cannot control others, but we can control our actions and reactions to the events unfolding in our environment.

Each time you have a decision in front of you, pause and think before reacting with a response.  Take a look at your options and consciously choose that which will move you closer to where you want to be.  It’s ok to say no from time to time.  It’s also realistic to know that there are times when you must choose what takes you farther away from your goal, but you see that it does, and the next choice puts you back in forward motion. Share a comment about one of your goals and what you are doing to achieve it.

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