New Banking System of the Future

With Friday came the announcement that 118 banks have been shut down by the government so far. Last year the total was 140 closures, which means we’re only 22 away from hitting last year’s startling quota. Considering that 8 banks were closed on Friday alone, I have a sneaking suspicion that we’ll be at 140 by the end of September.
Banks that survived the credit crisis have become tight-lipped and tight-wadded with their money. Although they accepted the bailout, their purse strings remain tightly drawn to the consumer.
I’m going to show you how the New Banking System of the Future:
- Is Absolutely Secure
- Gives You Complete Control
- Gives You A Higher Rate of Return than Inflation (no back-peddling)
- Makes it Impossible for Your Money to Go “POOF” and Disappear
I guarantee you’ll be amazed!
See you in a few days,
Lee Arnold,, LLC