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CEO Fireside: Have you factored in regret (ebook bonus)

CEO Fireside: Have you factored in regret (ebook bonus)

In preparation for tomorrow’s CEO Fireside, I’ve been reading about how some of the great visionaries of our time view entrepreneurship and building your own business.

One phrase caught my attention in particular:

“If you have a business idea and are currently debating whether to start a new business or take the safe route, it is important to factor one major component into your decision: regret.”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say, dripping with regret, “I wish I had done “x” because someone else did it and now their banking on it!” This shoulda, woulda, coulda mentality needs to end and starting tomorrow night, it will!


And just for attending, you’ll get the bonus eBook and training video that talks about the non-negotiable traits of an entrepreneur, the best “do-it-yourself” businesses of 2013, and how you can quickly become your own boss your, own way.

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In this month’s All-Content CEO Fireside we’re focusing on your business. How to properly set it up, market it and make sure it’s firing on all cylinders.

It’s Monday night, January 7th at:

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Register here to be a part of this “in your face, walk-the- walk” webinar on how you can own your own business and be your own boss in 2013!

In this month’s CEO Fireside get the business acumen of the great entrepreneurs of our time and enhance your wealth considerably in Real Estate, or any business for that matter!

We’re looking forward to it!
Lee Arnold and The Staff at Private Money Exchange


Tonight, I’m going to cover this and the one MAGIC




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It’s tonight, December 13th at:

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A Lesson From Pet Airways

There is something about living in the United States that always makes the worst of times seem like the best of times. For those of you reading this, who are particularly struggling right now, you may be shaking your head and resisting the urge to mark this as spam. Before you do that, though, let me say it this way. In America, even when the economy is only beginning to sputter to a start, there is still opportunity. Even when the Dow wobbles to and fro, there is money in the market. And even when the headlines shout hundreds of “NOs”, there are thousands of “Yeses” all over the place.

Here’s an example: I’m working on my computer this evening and see this crazy news story. An airline that caters only to pets just opened shop. The main cabin of the aircraft is filled with carriers for dogs and cats. Flight attendants check on the animals regularly and perhaps even offer them an in-flight meal service!!! I know, crazy right? Well, while other airlines are struggling to survive, “Pet Airways” is booked solid for the next two months.

Just imagine who came up with this brainchild and then wonder to yourself, like I did to myself, “Why in the world did I not think of it!!!”

For $250 a pop ($100 more than what it costs to fly them in the cargo hold), people are bidding their pets farewell to fly in comfort on an animals-only airline. Just when I think I’ve read everything!

The reason I bring up this story is because although the economy is off to a shaky re-start, there are people who are launching the wackiest businesses and they are actually getting customers!!! So, even though you may be feeling this economy a little bit more than the next guy or gal, just remember that people are willing to pay their money if you’re willing to put a little creativity into your product or services.
This is America, and one of the things that I love about it is its everlasting, always present possibility!

Always look for and enjoy the possibilities!
To Your Success,
Lee Arnold,
President of I’m the Solution