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New Way to Access Cash (ATM for your Deals)

“The startling revelation is that this is the new way to
access liquidity. With a qualifying deal, I can have the
funds in days and a completed deal in months. This
means we can acquire the deal-flow we need for our
real estate investment business.
Since we met Lee Arnold, we have added 14 properties
to our portfolio.It is ingenious in its simplicity. It is changing the way that
investors, mortgage brokers, realtors, and construction-
related trades can access funding and keep their careers
alive.”   -Michelle Gunn


Wow… what a great success story!

What would it mean to you if you had UNLIMITED Funds
for your R.E. Deals. Would you, like Michelle Gunn, be
able to have the deal-flow you need to generate the income
you desire?!
Well, it’s a good thing you opened this email because
we have the necessary funds to expand your deal-flow!
What our Funding Program Can Do For You:
- 100% funding success rate for deals that meet our
- Funding for both large and small loans amounts
- Longer term loans for rehab and cash flow deals
- No upfront fees to submit deals
- Cross-collateral or partnerships on higher LTV loans
- Financing on seller-carry hybrid deals


Let’s get your deal funded ASAP: 
As far as we know, we’re the only full-service private money
platform where we help you through the ENTIRE deal from
finding to funding to closing… meaning you DON’T have to
make any awkward phone calls to strangers for funds or worry
- Drafting Documents
- Pulling Huds
- Pulling Title
All you have to do to start is visit us here:
We’re looking forward to seeing YOUR deals get OUR
Happy Investing,
Lee Arnold

New Private Money Company Announces Grand Opening!

Cogo Capital Helps Local Real Estate Investors and Housing Market

Contact: Lenae Thornton
Phone: (800) 369-4237
Email: LThornton@cogocapital.com

Nov. 30, 2012 — Spokane, WA. — The press and public are invited to attend the Cogo Capital Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on Thursday, December 6th, at its new office in Spokane located at 4610 N Division St., Suite #1. To celebrate our kick off, the grand opening will include wine and appetizers. The ribbon cutting will take place at 3:00 p.m. and the open house will take place from 3:00-7:00 p.m.
Don’t miss the event that will show real estate investors and mortgage brokers how to get fast financing for residential and commercial investment deals!

The local opening of Cogo Capital is a culmination of real estate entrepreneur Lee Arnold’s vision to provide access to private money for real estate investors through local outlets across the nation.

“We are very excited about the timing of this project” said Lee Arnold, CEO of Cogo Capital. “Because banks aren’t touching this market, the only place to go, if you don’t have cash, is to private lenders. Cogo Capital expertly fills this niche in a very remarkable and unique way.”

“It is well known that real estate investors are the natural life-blood of any economy,” continued Arnold, “and we’re now giving them the financial boost they need to invest in the housing market.”

According to the National Association of Realtors, real estate investors’ contribution to the economy is huge—a 9.2 Billion Dollar impact to be exact. Last year alone investors purchased 1.23 million homes, a 64.5 percent increase over 749,000 in 2010. This year and next is projected to be even more.

Cogo Spokane is the first branch of its kind in this unique and revolutionizing niche of private money fulfillment. In the year 2013, the company is planning to expand and open eight more branches in strategic areas across the country.

About Cogo Capital

Cogo Capital, a wholly owned subsidiary of Secured Investment Corp, was launched as the nation’s premier private money lender. They provide an efficient and uniquely interactive method for obtaining capital for investors looking for funding for non-owner occupied residential and commercial investment deals. Cogo Capital is also an excellent alternative for investors who do not meet the stringent requirements and guidelines of conventional lenders.
Cogo Capital provides fast and creative financing solutions for today’s investor, making finding funding the easiest part of any real estate deal.

For more information, visit: www.cogocapital.com

Be Useful

“It is the people who can do nothing who find nothing to do, and the secret to happiness in this world is not only to be useful, but to be forever elevating one’s uses.”

~   Sarah Orne Jewett – 1849-1909, Author

What better way to be useful than to get involved.  Community service and other volunteer organizations are where most people begin when they feel it’s “time to get involved” and be useful.  I agree.  However, I also agree there is no better place to start than right where you are.  Can you say with all certainty that you are fully applying yourself in all your endeavors?  Entrepreneurs are often idea people who stretch themselves thin with numerous ideas taking form.  It’s wise to continually evaluate these ideas, knowing that only a few will bring success.  As I’ve shared before, failure is part of the success process.

Where are your skills and talents most useful to others and your upward mobility?  If you can’t answer that, stop and do it immediately.  You can filter where you put in the majority of your efforts and where you choose to bring in other talented hands achieving what makes them most useful.  Are you seeing a pattern here?  Being useful is not about “doing something”, it’s about doing specific tasks that bring benefit to yourself and others.  It’s often this simple idea of doing what you do best, that is easily forgotten when your life gets moving fast.

Real estate investing has many areas where you can apply your expertise.  Coming up November 12-15th, Lee Arnold is calling you to Spokane, WA where you can put your talents to work and open your mind to learning from a man who knows where he is most useful to his family and community.  He doesn’t open this opportunity up often, and he provides you with leads, transportation and education. You end the weekend understanding the process of gathering data and evaluating which deal is worthy.  Want more?

Home Buyers Tour in Spokane, WA
Call 800-558-6092
Don’t Delay, This is a Hands On Opportunity!

Leadership Reigns

Before coaching or exerting any effort as a leader, ask yourself these three questions: 1.) Who am I trying to convince? 2.) What do I want them to do? 3.) Why do I want them to do it?

~ Linda Byars Swindling

That statement applies to any area of your life. Leadership is not inclusive to ‘the office’ or your profession. Think about it. Who am I trying to convince? A teenager, neighbor, spouse, or even, yes, you! Leadership is a character trait that needs developing when you choose to step out as an entrepreneur. Let’s go back to question number one. Who is your target audience? It’s important to define who you want to reach and adjust your leadership language accordingly. Each of the examples given has a different relationship with you and therefore, you must know the language to capture their attention. Think about the similarities rather than the differences, if you are leading a large group of people.

Question two is the call to action. You may have a great idea or product, but if you don’t tell them what you want them to do, you may lose them. No matter how obvious the action you require, buy, watch, listen, etc., you must directly communicate exactly what it is you want them to do. Question three is the qualifier of why you want the action to those you are addressing. Remember question one? How are you meeting their need or resolving their pain? Communicating through stories and examples that create a picture in the listeners mind are effective with any group.

To excel in life and build wealth, leadership development must be a continual part of your assent. Whether you are just beginning to look at what makes a leader or you currently lead others, leaders stay connected with other leaders. Lee Arnold’s Las Vegas WealthShop was overflowing with leaders exhibiting leadership character and extremely successful! Those in attendance are fired up and know the importance of being together, in person, to inspire, support and learn from one another. There is only ONE MORE opportunity to learn from Lee Arnold’s leaders this year. November 12-15 in Spokane, WA is the Home Buyers Tour. If you haven’t heard about it yet, keep reading this week or

Call 800-558-6092 for Details!

Entrepreneurial Snapshot

First of all, why aren’t you in Las Vegas listening to Lee Arnold right now?!

You are missing Lee Arnold in his element – “with his students”.  The place he shines and brings it all out, is in front of those eager and looking to learn and apply new techniques on their way to building their own entrepreneurial wealth.  Maybe you just weren’t quite there, and need a little more inspiration to attend the next opportunity filled event.

USA TODAY creates snapshots of us Americans.  Today I found more validity to ideas of change creating opportunities for entrepreneurs looking for an opening.  Nearly four in ten callers to a financial help line in April through June complained of mounting debt.  According to the snapshot, what consumers are stressed about breaks down like this:

39%   Debt

32%   Budgeting/Saving

7%     Credit Management

6%     Real Estate

5%     Retirement Planning

Know what that means to you?! Opportunity and opening!  You have the answer of where people are hurting and how to meet that need.  Where? Their finances.  How?  Lee Arnold’s Loan Modification program.  In marketing, companies look for positioning.  They determine where the competitors are, who they are targeting, the price or value, and seize an opening for an unmet need.  The Loan Saver Consultant Kit allows you to buy from us in a wholesale capacity and accentuate your entrepreneurial spirit by going out and finding others with a financial mortgage hurt, and selling the Loan Renovator to them.  If you want to take it a step farther, you can choose to become a certified loan modification specialist and help them work through their modification process.

At I’m The Solution, we are offering you the opportunity to merely meet their need by providing the kit and making you some extra money.  There is no reason to be mentally down in a changing market.  Think of how change affects people around you and find ways to resolve the pain.  If 71% are hurting over debt, budgeting and savings and you have a solution, don’t you think you should help them? I do!

Call our consultants and talk to them about the Loan Saver Consultant Kit and how you can become involved in meeting the needs of financially hurting friends and neighbors in your life.  Our expertly trained consultants will gladly answer any and all questions and get you started on a new entrepreneurial opportunity that meets a current need!

Call a Consultant Today!

800-473-6051 or 800-341-9918