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Millionaires are Well-Read

Did I say Millionaires are Well-Educated?  No, not exactly.  A college degree isn’t what makes someone successful or wealthy.  Putting whatever you learn into action is what leads you down the path of failure and success.  Why failure?  Because if you are not failing, you are not putting enough ideas into action.  When I was in Jr. High I took skiing lessons.  I didn’t like to fall any more than “I felt” necessary.  My instructor kept pushing me beyond my comfortable level and I pushed back.  He finally said, “If you aren’t falling continually while I instruct you, you aren’t applying what I am teaching.”  Meaning, as we fail we learn and grow.  It may be learning how things don’t work, but we now have one more way that doesn’t work and that can only lead to what does work.

Whoever ceases to be a student has never been a student.           George Iles

Are you failing at something now? GREAT! Now get up and move on to the next thing.  However, if you are failing because you are neglecting to put anything into action and just hoping some fairy godmother will wave a wand and make it all better, give it up.  It may not be the image of a fairy godmother in your head, but you are stalling and lacking action, aren’t you?  Maybe whatever you set out to accomplish is not what you are passionate about.  Accept that, set it aside and move on to a new endeavor.

Wear the old coat and buy the new book.  – Austin Phelps

Where do you start?  Pick up a book!  If you are not currently reading on a daily or even weekly basis, start today.  And I don’t mean the newspaper or your Yahoo! or MSN page.  I mean a book stimulating your growth in yourself, your career, hobby, or a future entrepreneurial adventure.  Millionaires don’t have to go to college to implement million dollar ideas.  They have a natural capacity to learn and apply the knowledge of people who have already been through trial and error processes.  Books are written testimonies that you can read and put into action.  Don’t let me lose you here if you aren’t an avid reader.  You are reading this blog and cruising around the internet, right?  Pick up a book on CD and it still counts for being well-read!

It’s never a good time to stop the learning process.  Not a reader, or one to listen to a CD?  Well put yourself into action by attending Lee Arnold’s Extravaganza ’09 and grow in your knowledge and understanding of Short Sales, Foreclosures, Loan Modification, Social Media, and more.  Your list of excuses has run out. Take action and grow and you will be well on your way to being a well-read Millionaire!

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