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The Stock Market is a Drama Queen… Again


Lee Arnold
By now you have most likely heard the news that Ben Bernanke, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank, announced that the Federal Reserve intends to slow down the purchase of 85 billion dollars in Treasury Bonds and Mortgage Backed Securities, which, up to this point, have been fueling the housing recovery.
He stated that the US economy is slowly coming back to a state of stability with unemployment sitting at 7.6%. He also mentioned that as soon as unemployment drops below 7%, they would slowly pull back on the aggressive bond buying program.
This news sent shock waves throughout the stock market causing a 300 plus point drop in the Dow. Prior to that, the Dow had been hitting and hovering at record highs, north of 15,000 points, however, after Bernanke’s announcement, the Dow quickly plummeted.
This roller-coaster ride is nothing new though. Just this year, a bogus tweet sent the markets into a virtual tailspin. And everyone remembers the infamous “Flash Crash” of 2010, which wiped out $1 trillion in stock value. It took over two months for the market to rebound from just 20 minutes of havoc.
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So, while everyone is bailing from the stock market, do what you know best and invest in real property, either as a real estate investor or a private money lender. And get this book and video training. Whether you borrow or lend private money, it’s an incredible eye-opening read and shows you how to make money in real estate.
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Happy Investing,
Lee Arnold

“How to Fall Forward” – Lee Arnold

I’m going to talk about how the highest achievers in this world deal with failure and how you can allow your falls to set you forward toward success. In this series, I’m using the book, “Failing Forward” by John C. Maxwell to illustrate this lesson of humbly-derived success.

Achievers Have Realistic Expectations.

It’s easy to set the bar too high for yourself. You’ve set a goal, you’re feeling gung-ho about it, and you see the sky as the limit. However, while you were dreaming of the climb to success, you forgot to factor in the obstacles. When planning for a goal, you have to take into account the glitches, the fallbacks and eventual detours that will take place along the way. Even someone as talented as Michael Jordan was not picked for his high school basketball team. Had he allowed that one hiccup in his life deter him from his dream of basketball, the sport would never have experienced his sensational talent! We have to expect failure. We have to be ready for its arrival, and therefore be quick to figure out a way around it. You set the bar high, just know you may trip over it a few times before you finally clear it!

Achievers Focus on Their Strengths.

Achievers spend more time and energy on what they can do than what they can’t do. A long-distance runner does not focus on whether or not he/she is the fastest runner, but rather the runner with the most endurance. Understand your strengths and put them to good use. If you’re not a good public speaker, but an excellent writer, pour all your resources into your print materials. You can’t be good at everything, but you are exceptionally talented at some things and those things should become your crowning achievements. Stop muddling over your areas of mediocrity and start honing the skills that make you exceptional! You’ll be surprised where they take you!



Lee Arnold on NBC! Check out Lee’s Sunday Interview

We were on NBC! Check out Lee’s Sunday Interview

Lee just did a very revealing interview about the real challenge in today’s real estate market in regards to getting enough funding to be successful. It aired on Sunday, December 30th on NBC! And now you can watch it here: http://www.khq.com/category/150895/invest-northwest In this Hard-Hitting Interview, Lee Covers These Topics… – Over the years, we have found that the foremost motive for people to select a private lender over a bank is consumer dissatisfaction with traditional lending.

Many people are tired of the traditional banks’ lack of customer advocacy, as well as all of their hidden or unfair charges. Many real estate investors who walk through our doors find that banks are too rigid with their credit criteria. In this interview, Lee talks about how private lenders, like Secured Investment Corp and Private Money Exchange, are able to offer less stringent credit guidelines, while at the same time offering individual treatment and guidance through the loan process. – Access to financing is a critical issue for most real estate investors, however most lenders put limits on the amount they will lend an investor, regardless of credit history, property values, or track record.

Lee talks about how most Private Lenders are able to eliminate this challenge by offering limitless funds on great real estate transactions. Just go here to watch Lee’s NBC interview today: http://www.khq.com/category/150895/invest-northwest


Enjoy! Staff at Secured Investment Corp and Private Money Exchange

New Way to Access Cash (ATM for your Deals)

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Lee Arnold

New Banking System of the Future

With Friday came the announcement that 118 banks have been shut down by the government so far. Last year the total was 140 closures, which means we’re only 22 away from hitting last year’s startling quota. Considering that 8 banks were closed on Friday alone, I have a sneaking suspicion that we’ll be at 140 by the end of September.
Banks that survived the credit crisis have become tight-lipped and tight-wadded with their money. Although they accepted the bailout, their purse strings remain tightly drawn to the consumer.
I’m going to show you how the New Banking System of the Future:
- Is Absolutely Secure
- Gives You Complete Control
- Gives You A Higher Rate of Return than Inflation (no back-peddling)
- Makes it Impossible for Your Money to Go “POOF” and Disappear
I guarantee you’ll be amazed!
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Masterpiece or Mayhem?

“I challenge you to make your life a masterpiece. I challenge
you to join the ranks of those people who live
what they teach, who walk their talk.”

Tony Robbins: Self-help speaker and author

It is actually coincidence that two quotes in a row are from Tony Robbins.  Possibly because I believe this year, specifically this holiday season, you need encouragement and inspiration.  What is holding you back from living life as a masterpiece?  If you need to, stop for a few minutes and write down those obstacles.  Then turn the paper over and write down all you are thankful for and the opportunities you’ve taken advantage of this year.  Is the obstacle list longer than the thankful and opportunity side?  If you answered yes, continue to Google positive thoughts and ideas and allow all that is good to penetrate your thoughts on a daily, and then on an hourly basis.  It is crucial that your inner self talk is positive.  Be diligent and never ceasing until you have mastered this vital skill.  It can be the difference between a replica and a masterpiece!

Life is precious and life is short.  Yeah, yeah, you heard it all before.  I mean it, stop and take a look around.  More than ever this year, each and every one of us must stop and evaluate how we got where we are today – good or bad place – and be thankful.  I challenge you to see beyond yourself and your circumstance of today and see the people in your life, your neighborhood, and your city.  They have unmet needs, lack motivation, and feel discouraged.  Our attitude is a choice.  Choose thankfulness and gratitude today and then share it with someone you encounter, preferably a stranger. . . It’s more rewarding – they won’t think you are buttering them up for something!

Creating your masterpiece life isn’t something you do in a day or a month.  It’s the chipping away of what doesn’t match up with your vision.  Do what you say and say what you mean and you will wake up one day and realize you are living the dream you worked for every day, through every choice.  Now go encourage someone else, even if all you can squeeze out is a smile!

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To Choose or Not to Choose

“How am I going to live today in order to
create the tomorrow I’m committed to?”

- Tony Robbins: Self-help speaker and author

What do you think of when you read that quote?  Often it is easy for us to merely “get through” each day if we allow these immediate troubles to affect our choices.  While it is important to address what is happening around you, it is also important to keep perspective and remember where you are headed.  Relationships are messy.  Friends and family can pull at us to accommodate their agenda.  We all make choices for the good of not only ourselves, but those around us.  A husband checks with a wife before making a major purchase, a friend needs help moving, your kids need a ride to practice.  These are all good things, integrated into our life’s plan and goals, and called relationship building.

But at what point have you ventured off the track of relationship building and diverted straight towards following everyone’s path . . . neglecting your own?  There are no excuses, only choices we each make that lead us to where we are.  If you are not where you expected to be two years ago, what are you doing about it?  Are you blaming the economy, your past employer, your spouse, someone or some other event?  As life changes, so do we, like it or not.  Take a few minutes and look at where you are today and where you want to go.  What is standing between those two points?  We cannot control others, but we can control our actions and reactions to the events unfolding in our environment.

Each time you have a decision in front of you, pause and think before reacting with a response.  Take a look at your options and consciously choose that which will move you closer to where you want to be.  It’s ok to say no from time to time.  It’s also realistic to know that there are times when you must choose what takes you farther away from your goal, but you see that it does, and the next choice puts you back in forward motion. Share a comment about one of your goals and what you are doing to achieve it.

We are looking forward to having guests from around the country join us in Spokane, WA this weekend as they follow through on their decision to learn directly from Lee Arnold!  Lee will be taking a bus full of entrepreneurial minded people on a tour to view a number of houses on the foreclosure list.  He will teach them how to evaluate data, contact Realtors or homeowners, and how to put a deal together, benefiting the homeowner and themselves, in their business.

Did you miss your opportunity to attend The Home Buying Tour?  Start planning now for a March trip to San Diego, CA to attend the next Home Buying Tour or call 800-558-6092 to be added to our email list for more details! You can also post a comment below and we will make sure you get information sent to you!

Holiday Hassle

November is here, the holiday season is flooding into retailers, and attitudes will begin to change. Don’t let yours fall into the trap of dismal thinking! I can’t help but wonder if there is more to reassessing your goals in January than the beginning of a new year. Could it also be because most people have detoured off course for the past 6 to 8 weeks? How many people do you know that use excuses, delaying pursuit of a deal? Statements like, “Well, Thanksgiving is next week, I won’t bother them.” “December is a busy month for social events, etc. so they probably won’t have time to meet with me.” STOP IT!! Decide today that you will NOT buy into defeating self talk today, through the end of January. Deals are made each day of the year, not dependent upon the weather or a date on the calendar. To succeed in life and business you must set your course and stay focused on how to meet the needs of those around you.  We are interested to hear how you stay focused through the holiday season.  Click here to leave a comment.

Since we are focusing on real estate deals, let’s talk about your pipeline. It may be those you encounter have a mentality of delaying business until after the holiday season. Take their name and number, a few details about their needs and follow up in January! Instead of feeling discouraged and put off, build your pipeline! Spread your goodwill outside your normal circles. Take advantage of the coming season to network more and uncover someone’s financial wounds. Spend more time learning about strangers and less time talking about what you are doing for the holidays. In November and December you typically find strangers become friendlier, more talkative, and it’s easier to open up conversations that quickly reveal their needs and life concerns. If you are open and ready to receive them, your business will profit and so will those you reach out to help!  Click here to share where you network during the holidays.

“To put away aimlessness and weakness, and to begin to think with purpose, is to enter the ranks of those strong ones who only recognize failure as one of the pathways to attainment; who make all conditions serve them, and who think strongly, attempt fearlessly, and accomplish masterfully.” –James Allen

Enter into this holiday season with a renewed freshness to truly connect with those you encounter. Many are feeling discouraged and frustrated. Your hopeful and helpful attitude will go a long way to brighten a stranger’s day. Reach out and listen to the needs of people and stay the course of building a stronger business. It is in down times that the strong rise above and lead.

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Be Useful

“It is the people who can do nothing who find nothing to do, and the secret to happiness in this world is not only to be useful, but to be forever elevating one’s uses.”

~   Sarah Orne Jewett – 1849-1909, Author

What better way to be useful than to get involved.  Community service and other volunteer organizations are where most people begin when they feel it’s “time to get involved” and be useful.  I agree.  However, I also agree there is no better place to start than right where you are.  Can you say with all certainty that you are fully applying yourself in all your endeavors?  Entrepreneurs are often idea people who stretch themselves thin with numerous ideas taking form.  It’s wise to continually evaluate these ideas, knowing that only a few will bring success.  As I’ve shared before, failure is part of the success process.

Where are your skills and talents most useful to others and your upward mobility?  If you can’t answer that, stop and do it immediately.  You can filter where you put in the majority of your efforts and where you choose to bring in other talented hands achieving what makes them most useful.  Are you seeing a pattern here?  Being useful is not about “doing something”, it’s about doing specific tasks that bring benefit to yourself and others.  It’s often this simple idea of doing what you do best, that is easily forgotten when your life gets moving fast.

Real estate investing has many areas where you can apply your expertise.  Coming up November 12-15th, Lee Arnold is calling you to Spokane, WA where you can put your talents to work and open your mind to learning from a man who knows where he is most useful to his family and community.  He doesn’t open this opportunity up often, and he provides you with leads, transportation and education. You end the weekend understanding the process of gathering data and evaluating which deal is worthy.  Want more?

Home Buyers Tour in Spokane, WA
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Leadership Reigns

Before coaching or exerting any effort as a leader, ask yourself these three questions: 1.) Who am I trying to convince? 2.) What do I want them to do? 3.) Why do I want them to do it?

~ Linda Byars Swindling

That statement applies to any area of your life. Leadership is not inclusive to ‘the office’ or your profession. Think about it. Who am I trying to convince? A teenager, neighbor, spouse, or even, yes, you! Leadership is a character trait that needs developing when you choose to step out as an entrepreneur. Let’s go back to question number one. Who is your target audience? It’s important to define who you want to reach and adjust your leadership language accordingly. Each of the examples given has a different relationship with you and therefore, you must know the language to capture their attention. Think about the similarities rather than the differences, if you are leading a large group of people.

Question two is the call to action. You may have a great idea or product, but if you don’t tell them what you want them to do, you may lose them. No matter how obvious the action you require, buy, watch, listen, etc., you must directly communicate exactly what it is you want them to do. Question three is the qualifier of why you want the action to those you are addressing. Remember question one? How are you meeting their need or resolving their pain? Communicating through stories and examples that create a picture in the listeners mind are effective with any group.

To excel in life and build wealth, leadership development must be a continual part of your assent. Whether you are just beginning to look at what makes a leader or you currently lead others, leaders stay connected with other leaders. Lee Arnold’s Las Vegas WealthShop was overflowing with leaders exhibiting leadership character and extremely successful! Those in attendance are fired up and know the importance of being together, in person, to inspire, support and learn from one another. There is only ONE MORE opportunity to learn from Lee Arnold’s leaders this year. November 12-15 in Spokane, WA is the Home Buyers Tour. If you haven’t heard about it yet, keep reading this week or

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