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Entrepreneurial Snapshot

First of all, why aren’t you in Las Vegas listening to Lee Arnold right now?!

You are missing Lee Arnold in his element – “with his students”.  The place he shines and brings it all out, is in front of those eager and looking to learn and apply new techniques on their way to building their own entrepreneurial wealth.  Maybe you just weren’t quite there, and need a little more inspiration to attend the next opportunity filled event.

USA TODAY creates snapshots of us Americans.  Today I found more validity to ideas of change creating opportunities for entrepreneurs looking for an opening.  Nearly four in ten callers to a financial help line in April through June complained of mounting debt.  According to the snapshot, what consumers are stressed about breaks down like this:

39%   Debt

32%   Budgeting/Saving

7%     Credit Management

6%     Real Estate

5%     Retirement Planning

Know what that means to you?! Opportunity and opening!  You have the answer of where people are hurting and how to meet that need.  Where? Their finances.  How?  Lee Arnold’s Loan Modification program.  In marketing, companies look for positioning.  They determine where the competitors are, who they are targeting, the price or value, and seize an opening for an unmet need.  The Loan Saver Consultant Kit allows you to buy from us in a wholesale capacity and accentuate your entrepreneurial spirit by going out and finding others with a financial mortgage hurt, and selling the Loan Renovator to them.  If you want to take it a step farther, you can choose to become a certified loan modification specialist and help them work through their modification process.

At I’m The Solution, we are offering you the opportunity to merely meet their need by providing the kit and making you some extra money.  There is no reason to be mentally down in a changing market.  Think of how change affects people around you and find ways to resolve the pain.  If 71% are hurting over debt, budgeting and savings and you have a solution, don’t you think you should help them? I do!

Call our consultants and talk to them about the Loan Saver Consultant Kit and how you can become involved in meeting the needs of financially hurting friends and neighbors in your life.  Our expertly trained consultants will gladly answer any and all questions and get you started on a new entrepreneurial opportunity that meets a current need!

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How Lucky are You?

“I’ve found that luck is quite predictable. If you want more luck,
take more chances. Be more active. Show up more often.”

Brian Tracy

Are you endlessly reading and researching or are you getting out there and putting SOMETHING into action?  It is an easy thing to look around you and say, “He’s so lucky, things just seem to work out for him.”  Maybe.  But have you ever thought that maybe it was being in the right place at the right time?  Opportunity is literally everywhere.  It’s awareness of your goals, seeking what you need, and daily focus on where you are headed and what you need to get you there. Soon, YOU will be the one with the luck!

With the economic and political changes continuing to happen, this opens more opportunity.  Your research and reading should be in areas of interest to you, with the intent of forward thinking.  What product or services are people needing now, due to economic or political changes?  Lee Arnold is a man of ideas and action.  He tries, fails, tries again and again until success is achieved.  He listens, reads, consults, and watches what changes and where new opportunities are sure to open for sharp thinking individuals.  It’s no secret he has valuable experience and expertise to share through his products, with his students.  He earned the right to share with you from the action he takes, which may look like luck to you.  To Lee Arnold, it’s a myriad of situations and ideas all forming together to create success, not through luck that you may perceive.

People across the country are hurting.  How can you help them?  What do they need?  We know the credit card companies (i.e. banks) are utilizing their small print in the contracts that so many of us blindly agreed to.  Many are now being stung by the banks’ ability to adjust our charges, fees, and interest rates.  That naturally leads to financial strains on many households.  How can you take action?  By learning loan modifications, you may be able to help strengthen their financial position.  Maybe they have tried that route and did not prevail against their lender.  Short Sales may appear to you as something only licensed real estate professionals partake in, but Lee Arnold can show you how to help here too!  Think you are out of ways to help your financially strapped neighbors and friends?  Not at all!  How about all those individuals lacking understanding and information on what they need to do if they receive a notice of default and find their home is in the foreclosure process?  You got it!  Lee Arnold has a program to teach you how to help these individuals too!

It’s about action people.  Reading and researching has its place, but action is where you will see luck, isn’t really luck, as much as it is being aware of and looking for the opportunities surrounding you daily.  Move into action through purchasing a program Lee Arnold offers and if you need another boost, he also offers one-on-one or twice a month coaching calls.  Don’t allow yourself to feel defeated because of the changing economic and political actions you have no control over.  Take control of where YOU want to go and see the numerous opportunities appear right in front of you.  Soon, you will be that lucky person your friends and neighbors are talking about!

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How are YOU Getting Smarter?

“In a time of turbulence and change, it is more true than ever that knowledge is power.”

- John F. Kennedy

Robert Kiosake talks about investing in education and knowledge when time are tough.  He calls it the “Unofficial Apprenticeship”.  By learning from the financial greats, he was able to achieve 5 important goals.  In our Vegas WealthShop this weekend, many will have the opportunity to participate in just such an experience, realizing these same lofty expectations.  Did you miss planning to attend and registering?  If you think you can still make it, click the registration button and register.  We will keep you on the “Stand-by” list and let you know by Wednesday if you can still squeeze in with us.

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Here are the 5 topics that will be covered:

1.  You’ll Get Tougher . . . Too many people tip-toe around others because they don’t want to hurt their feelings or they don’t want to seem pushy.  Are you tough enough?

2.  You’ll Become a Nicer, More Compassionate Individual . . . Tougher doesn’t mean insensitive or cruel.  Learn how to balance the tough guy/gal act out by still having a heart for others in need.

3.  You’ll Get Richer . . . At the Vegas event, you’ll be bumping elbows with currently successful people in the real estate area and are interested in helping you get there too!

4.  You’ll Become Less Petty . . . You’ll learn to complain less about the small stuff in life.  Pettiness is a time, and therefore, money stealer.

5.  You’ll be Reminded to Network and Collaborate with Others . . . When you have access to like-minded or even higher-minded individuals, you have a remarkable opportunity to discover better real estate techniques, newer ways to market, and methods to help each other make money.

Where better to have access to like-minded, already successful people, than a WealthShop!  We want to especially note that the price tag for the VEGAS WealthShop is 100% FREE! We’re giving you an added bonus:  Free Education to Empower You to Succeed!!

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Freedom of a Millionaire

Where are you on a Friday afternoon?  Working for yourself, in your time schedule, or at the beckon call of a boss?  The freedom of working for yourself earns you the right and responsibility to plan your schedule.  For Lee Arnold, October means a trip to the pumpkin patch with his wife and three small children.  You are thinking, well then he just works all day Saturday to make it up.  Not necessarily!  Freedom comes with responsibility.  Many millionaires are passionate about their work, the thrill of big deals and new breakthroughs.  But just as prevalent is their desire and love for family time.  It’s the joy of being able to schedule family time when they need you, instead of when your boss says you are free to go.

I ran across this article in USA Today as I wondered who else might be heading to the pumpkin patch:

Thad Starr, of Pleasant Hill, Ore., tips his hat after winning in the World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off contest in Half Moon Bay, Calif., Monday, Oct. 13, 2008. Starr’s pumpkin weighed 1,528 pounds (693 kg) and beat the local contest record. (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma)  Click the picture to read the full article.  What is your dream?  Hopefully it is to plan your days and life around what you are passionate about and take the steps necessary to reach your goals.  America is a land of great opportunity!  That opportunity is all around you…take a look and then take back your life!

How Much is Enough?

The sum of wisdom is that time is never lost that is devoted to work.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Do people tell you that you work too much?  That you really need to stop and enjoy yourself?  They should.  You are on the right path to achieving your dreams and pushing to the next level up when you appear unstoppable to those in your life.  Millionaires are focused.  They know what they want and they will fail a hundred times if they know in their heart it’s achievable.  It’s important to have others around you that believe in you and where you are headed.  We’d like to believe we can do things on our own and that is partially true.  It’s your above and beyond efforts that get you to the next level.  Having people standing behind you, supporting those long hours, adds to your success.

Mastermind groups can add to family support or replace it if you are single.  These groups are created from like-minded professionals that meet periodically to support, encourage, challenge, and brainstorm business ideas and/or plans.  Find people with expertise and backgrounds different than your own, yet headed in the same direction, it will serve you best.  The collective failures and successes will shorten your path to the next level.  It’s the number of people in the group as much as it is what they bring to the table.  Choose carefully.

The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.

- Donald Kendall

Is this group really important?  Absolutely!  How much is enough?  When you are intently focused on your dream, everything in your world will be filtered through the dream.  You will love the life you are living, the long hours, the many collaborative meetings, and WORK will be enjoyable.  Millionaires don’t sit around spending their money, they only sit around when they are deep in thought.  Reaching where only 3% of the U.S. achieves financially is a small percentage because so few really understand the work and effort it takes to achieve and sustain their millions.

Where do you meet millionaires to grasp the focus and intensity I speak about? Come to Las Vegas this month!  October 23, 24, and 25 several millionaires will be gathering to share not only how they achieved their wealth, but will encourage you to challenge them at the 3% level.  Is your focus is real estate investment including short sales, hard money, and foreclosures, or loan modifications, credit repair, or social media advantages?  Then you must be there!  Not only will you learn from these millionaires, it’s an opportunity to network with others headed in the same direction, that may be exactly what you are looking for to join your Mastermind group!

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Millionaires are Well-Read

Did I say Millionaires are Well-Educated?  No, not exactly.  A college degree isn’t what makes someone successful or wealthy.  Putting whatever you learn into action is what leads you down the path of failure and success.  Why failure?  Because if you are not failing, you are not putting enough ideas into action.  When I was in Jr. High I took skiing lessons.  I didn’t like to fall any more than “I felt” necessary.  My instructor kept pushing me beyond my comfortable level and I pushed back.  He finally said, “If you aren’t falling continually while I instruct you, you aren’t applying what I am teaching.”  Meaning, as we fail we learn and grow.  It may be learning how things don’t work, but we now have one more way that doesn’t work and that can only lead to what does work.

Whoever ceases to be a student has never been a student.           George Iles

Are you failing at something now? GREAT! Now get up and move on to the next thing.  However, if you are failing because you are neglecting to put anything into action and just hoping some fairy godmother will wave a wand and make it all better, give it up.  It may not be the image of a fairy godmother in your head, but you are stalling and lacking action, aren’t you?  Maybe whatever you set out to accomplish is not what you are passionate about.  Accept that, set it aside and move on to a new endeavor.

Wear the old coat and buy the new book.  – Austin Phelps

Where do you start?  Pick up a book!  If you are not currently reading on a daily or even weekly basis, start today.  And I don’t mean the newspaper or your Yahoo! or MSN page.  I mean a book stimulating your growth in yourself, your career, hobby, or a future entrepreneurial adventure.  Millionaires don’t have to go to college to implement million dollar ideas.  They have a natural capacity to learn and apply the knowledge of people who have already been through trial and error processes.  Books are written testimonies that you can read and put into action.  Don’t let me lose you here if you aren’t an avid reader.  You are reading this blog and cruising around the internet, right?  Pick up a book on CD and it still counts for being well-read!

It’s never a good time to stop the learning process.  Not a reader, or one to listen to a CD?  Well put yourself into action by attending Lee Arnold’s Extravaganza ’09 and grow in your knowledge and understanding of Short Sales, Foreclosures, Loan Modification, Social Media, and more.  Your list of excuses has run out. Take action and grow and you will be well on your way to being a well-read Millionaire!

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