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Entrepreneurial Snapshot

First of all, why aren’t you in Las Vegas listening to Lee Arnold right now?!

You are missing Lee Arnold in his element – “with his students”.  The place he shines and brings it all out, is in front of those eager and looking to learn and apply new techniques on their way to building their own entrepreneurial wealth.  Maybe you just weren’t quite there, and need a little more inspiration to attend the next opportunity filled event.

USA TODAY creates snapshots of us Americans.  Today I found more validity to ideas of change creating opportunities for entrepreneurs looking for an opening.  Nearly four in ten callers to a financial help line in April through June complained of mounting debt.  According to the snapshot, what consumers are stressed about breaks down like this:

39%   Debt

32%   Budgeting/Saving

7%     Credit Management

6%     Real Estate

5%     Retirement Planning

Know what that means to you?! Opportunity and opening!  You have the answer of where people are hurting and how to meet that need.  Where? Their finances.  How?  Lee Arnold’s Loan Modification program.  In marketing, companies look for positioning.  They determine where the competitors are, who they are targeting, the price or value, and seize an opening for an unmet need.  The Loan Saver Consultant Kit allows you to buy from us in a wholesale capacity and accentuate your entrepreneurial spirit by going out and finding others with a financial mortgage hurt, and selling the Loan Renovator to them.  If you want to take it a step farther, you can choose to become a certified loan modification specialist and help them work through their modification process.

At I’m The Solution, we are offering you the opportunity to merely meet their need by providing the kit and making you some extra money.  There is no reason to be mentally down in a changing market.  Think of how change affects people around you and find ways to resolve the pain.  If 71% are hurting over debt, budgeting and savings and you have a solution, don’t you think you should help them? I do!

Call our consultants and talk to them about the Loan Saver Consultant Kit and how you can become involved in meeting the needs of financially hurting friends and neighbors in your life.  Our expertly trained consultants will gladly answer any and all questions and get you started on a new entrepreneurial opportunity that meets a current need!

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