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Unlock the Gate to Abundance

“Wealthy people tend to be orderly, while those who struggle have lots of messes. Each mess is a lock on the gate that keeps abundance out.”

-         Raymond Aaron, From Double Your Income Doing What You Love

What’s going on in your life today? Granted, the economy as a whole may have its issues, but what about you, specifically?  Hopefully you are here reading this because you have a plan and a goal.  You are searching, investigating, and then researching opportunities that will gain you access to extraordinary opportunities to achieve your goal.

Orderly can be an intimidating word if you are a rainmaker or a creative thinker.  It’s not.  Without reading Mr. Aaron’s book, I can share from my life experience that orderly simply means wealthy people have goals, steps to achieve those goals, and the follow through.  Often their perceived step will lead them in another direction, but it does not deter them from their goal or continuing to move forward.

Does your life feel like a mess and a struggle today?  If you have tools (books, CD’s, DVD’s) at your disposal, but can’t seem to figure out where to start and how to create a plan and get moving again, let us help you!  Oct 23, 24, and 25 at Lee Arnold’s Extravaganza ’09 you will be introduced to several speakers discussing successful plans in real estate, credit, and social media.  Take this opportunity to sign up, at no cost to you for their knowledge, and take a step out of the mess and struggle and step back into orderly – the place where wealthy people succeed and so will you!


Make a list of your messes and begin to create order once again.  Concentrate on those you have the ability to influence and change and act upon them – one step at a time.  Cross them off your list as you bring them back to order and feel the satisfaction of stepping closer to the gate.   It won’t be long before your gate to abundance is unlocked and you regain your vision of financial success!

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