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How are YOU Getting Smarter?

“In a time of turbulence and change, it is more true than ever that knowledge is power.”

- John F. Kennedy

Robert Kiosake talks about investing in education and knowledge when time are tough.  He calls it the “Unofficial Apprenticeship”.  By learning from the financial greats, he was able to achieve 5 important goals.  In our Vegas WealthShop this weekend, many will have the opportunity to participate in just such an experience, realizing these same lofty expectations.  Did you miss planning to attend and registering?  If you think you can still make it, click the registration button and register.  We will keep you on the “Stand-by” list and let you know by Wednesday if you can still squeeze in with us.

Register Today!

Here are the 5 topics that will be covered:

1.  You’ll Get Tougher . . . Too many people tip-toe around others because they don’t want to hurt their feelings or they don’t want to seem pushy.  Are you tough enough?

2.  You’ll Become a Nicer, More Compassionate Individual . . . Tougher doesn’t mean insensitive or cruel.  Learn how to balance the tough guy/gal act out by still having a heart for others in need.

3.  You’ll Get Richer . . . At the Vegas event, you’ll be bumping elbows with currently successful people in the real estate area and are interested in helping you get there too!

4.  You’ll Become Less Petty . . . You’ll learn to complain less about the small stuff in life.  Pettiness is a time, and therefore, money stealer.

5.  You’ll be Reminded to Network and Collaborate with Others . . . When you have access to like-minded or even higher-minded individuals, you have a remarkable opportunity to discover better real estate techniques, newer ways to market, and methods to help each other make money.

Where better to have access to like-minded, already successful people, than a WealthShop!  We want to especially note that the price tag for the VEGAS WealthShop is 100% FREE! We’re giving you an added bonus:  Free Education to Empower You to Succeed!!

If you missed the Vegas WealthShop
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